Pension Circulars

Circular Name Description Download
OM 06092007Pension to Unmarried Daughters Click Here
OM 17082009Family Pension to Disabled Siblings Click Here
OM 22062010Inclusion of Name of Family Members Click Here
OM03082011Proof of Age for Family Pension Click Here
OM 21052009Proof of Date ob Birth Click Here
OM 11082009Proof of DoB for Additional Pension / Family Pension Click Here
OM 16112011Revision of PPO Pre-2006: Format for open AD Click Here
OM PaymentCredit of Pension to Joint Bank Account Operated by a pensioner with his/her spouse Click Here
OM 01.092008Revision of Pre-2006 Pension Click Here
OM 01102008Revision of Pre-2006 Pension - Revised Annesure - II Click Here
OM 03102008Clarification for Revision of Pre-2006 Pension Click Here
OM 14102008Clarification for Pre-2006 Pension Revision & Annexure-III Click Here
OM 18052009Clarification on OM 01.09.2008 Click Here
OM 01092008Revision of Pre-2006 Pension / Family Pension Click Here
OM 20082009Revision of Pre-2006 Pension for HAG Scale Click Here
OM 25062010Clarification regarding non Availability of DoB for Pre-2006 Pension Revision Click Here
OM 28092010Provisional Payment of Revised Pre-2006 Pension Click Here
OM 02092008Revision of Post-2006 Pension / Family Pension Click Here
OM 03102008Clarification on Post-2006 Pension / Family Pension Click Here
OM 11122008Clarification on Post-2006 Pension / Family Pension on OM dt 02.09.08 Click Here
OM 10122009Grant of Full Pension Click Here
OM 15092008Revision of Commuted portion for adborbees in PSU etc. Click Here
OM 16022009Clarification regarding commutation of pension after 6th CPC Click Here
OM Dt.01042011Family Pension to Childless widow Click Here
OM Dt.01052012Time Schedule for Disbursement of Pension Click Here
OM Dt.01112011Revision of Family Pension Click Here
OM Dt.02072010Family Pension in r/o Missing Family Pensioner Click Here
OM Dt. 02092011Family Pension to Parents Click Here
OM Dt. 04042012Rate of Dearness Relief w.e.f.01012012 Click Here
OM Dt.08062011Amendment to Rule 8, 9, 49(2) etc.of CCS(Pension) Rules Click Here
OM Dt.08122011List of documents to be submitted by family member(other than spouse) Click Here
OM Dt.13012012Timelimit for Redressal of Grievances Click Here
OM Dt.14092011Family Pension in r/o Missing Employee/Pensioner Click Here
OM Dt.19042010Withholding of 10% Gratuity Click Here
OM Dt.24052011Medical allowance under New Pension Scheme Click Here
OM Dt.26052010Enhancement of Fixed Medical Allowance to Pensioners Click Here
OM Dt.27082009Date of Attaining 80,85 etc. years Click Here
OM Dt.28042011Family Pension to dependent unmarried daughter Click Here
OM Dt.30112011Eligibility for drawing 2nd Family Pension to a Family Pensioner Click Here
OM Dt.31032009Grant of Family Pension in case of Kidnapping by insurgents/terrorists Click Here