Authorization of Retirement Benefits

Checking and Sanction of Terminal Benefits & Pensions to retiring employees of DoT &   BSNL.
Revision of pension wherever required.
Interface with the banks/post offices on pension issues.
Collection of Leave salary and Pension Contribution from BSNL.

Revenue Management

Assessment of AGRs submitted by the licensees/ISPs.
Collection and accounting of licence fee and Spectrum Charges.
Management of Financial Bank Guarantees furnished by licensees/ISPs.
Billing and collection of VSAT Commercial and CUG.
Submission of periodical reports to DOT HQ.


Monitoring Agency for all the USO Projects in West Bengal Telecom Circle including Sikkim.
Settlement of USO subsidy Claims under different agreements .
Field inspections of USO Sites and projects.

Finance & Accounts

Pay & Accounting functions.
Payment of Retirement benefits to retiring officers and officials.
Budgeting & Expenditure Control.
Computerization of accounts using COMPACT (PAO 2000) package.

General Provident Fund

Maintenance of Broad-sheets of GPF, Loans & Advances for officers & staff absorbed in   BSNL.
GPF settlements of the above officers& staff.
Computerization of GPF accounts using COMPACT (PAO 2000) package.


General Administration of the Office.
Establishment related functions.
Training & development.
Internal Audit of VTM and WMO.
Computerization & other IT related functions.
Tendering and procurement of services, items.


Representing DOT HQ in various courts under its jurisdiction.
Functioning as CPIO Under RTI Act, 2005.